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PHOTO: Christ Covenant Church breaks ground for solar project (North Penn Reporter, June 7, 2012)

The church, its solar committee and solar power installation company Solar City broke ground at 2200 Mainland Road in Towamencin Township where solar panels will soon be put in place.

Going solar: Towamencin church planning to install solar panels (North Penn Reporter, May 12, 2012)

Christ Covenant Church, located at 2200 Mainland Road, wants to install solar panels. The goal is to eliminate approximately $14,000 in electricity costs from its annual expenses, according to Todd Peters, a member of the church’s solar committee.

Voice for victims: Training session for those who want to help the abused coming Jan. 21 (North Penn Reporter, January 3, 2012)
Christ Covenant Church hosts a day-long training session on behalf of AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse), a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The session is open to lay persons, clergy, church staff, professionals/volunteers in helping professions, Stephen Ministers, or anyone else desiring to learn more about how to help those affected by Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse–two issues deeply impacting the Church today.

Souderton Area grad spends year in poverty, service (North Penn Reporter, April 10, 2011)
Christ Covenant Church member Nathan Schneck, a senior at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., was recently a awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to support a year of travel and exploration outside the United States. He plans to visit Thailand, India and Argentina as he studies religious communities that emphasize voluntary poverty as a means of overcoming self-preoccupation, self-alienation, and as the beginning of universal benevolence.

Prayer Shawl ministry welcomes all (North Penn Reporter, January 8, 2011)
The women of Christ Covenant Church participate in a time of fellowship and prayer while making shawls for specific persons (whether members or not) who may be grieving, suffering from illness, or for other events, such as celebrating the birth of a baby.

Co-pastors bring new approach to local church (North Penn Reporter, August 13, 2010)
The story of our husband and wife co-pastor team, Jim and Cathy Stanley-Erickson. This article from our local newspaper highlights their ministry, and how they came to be called to service at our church.

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LEADERSHIP TEAM Christ Covenant Church is governed according to a "congregational" system, in which the members of the church make all major decisions in congregational meetings that are held at least twice per year. Throughout the year our church is led by an eight-member Leadership Team whose members serve 2-year terms (with half of the members elected annually, and able to be elected to new terms to succeed themselves no more than twice). Terms expiring at the end of 2015: Dan DiStefano (Chair) - twice re-elected LT member Tom Moyer (Financial Officer) Bob Kaler - filling an unexpired term Carolyn Stuart Terms expiring at the end of 2016: Susan Cressman - twice re-elected LT member Linda Lotier Jeff Schneck Frank Thierer Christ Covenant Church also has three key standing committees, to which the congregation and Leadership Team elect members as noted: MUTUAL MINISTRY COMMITTEE Jeff Schneck (LT rep and chair) Carolyn Stuart (second LT rep) Jodi Scribner (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2015) Linda Szojka (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2016) NOMINATING COMMITTEE Dan DiStefano (LT rep and chair) Lois Moyer (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2015) Walt Boguslaw (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2016) Rev.'s Jim & Cathy Stanley-Erickson (co-pastors) FINANCIAL COMMITTEE (LT liaison = Linda Lotier) Craig Ikeda (leader, term expires at the end of 2015) David Lotier (term expires at the end of 2016) Claude Bevan (term expires at the end of 2017) Tom Moyer (Financial Officer)   MINISTRY TEAMS As provided in our Bylaws, our leadership structure also includes the establishment of Ministry Teams to implement the varied ministries of the church. Ten such ministry teams are established at present. Each of our Ministry Teams is listed below, along with its Team leader and Leadership Team liaison: Administration: Don Lepp (LT liaison = Susan Cressman) Buildings & Grounds: Thelma Craig (LT liaison = Bob Kaler) Christian Formation: Sandie Thierer (LT liaison = Pastor Jim) Community Connections: Mig Robertson (LT liaison = Frank Thierer) Congregational Care: Jan Marcheski (LT liaison = Jeff Schneck) Congregational Life: Lynda Bair (LT liaison = Carolyn Stuart) Missions: Andrew Giampa (LT liaison = Tom Moyer) Small Groups: Jill Gower (LT liaison = Dan DiStefano) Worship Planning: Pastor Cathy and Carla Metz (LT liaison = Pastor Cathy) Youth Ministry: Marie DiStefano, Emma Edwards, Craig Ikeda, Bob Siegfried (LT liaison = Dan DiStefano)
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