Fall Worship Schedule

          The service will be held INDOORS & begin @ 10:30AM.

(Adult Sunday School (Zoom) is @ 8:30AM).


*Congregational singing is still something to be cautious about.  We will continue to  have congregational singing at the end of the service so that any aerosol has less time to "hang around".


*Masks - Wearing a mask outdoors is at your own discretion. 

It is NOT required while outdoors at Christ Covenant Church. 


The state is still encouraging masks for certain indoor gatherings, and the CDC has adjusted its indoor mask protocols.  We as a staff strongly recommend mask-wearing for indoor worship services until further notice.  The staff will be wearing masks during worship, except when actively leading.  Although it is not required to wear a mask, we strongly encourage it.  

It is important to remember that younger children are not yet vaccinated.


*Distancing - For the time being every other pew will be roped off.


No offering will be taken at the service;

please continue to use e-giving or mail your weekly offering.

We WILL be singing a closing hymn during the service.  



Please do not attend the worship service or any church organized event if you have a fever, other symptoms of illness or are not feeling well.


You are encouraged to either mail your weekly offering or give online through the link on our website - 


Another way to give is through the GIVE + app.  

See recent devotional videos from Pastor Cathy & Pastor Jim, below.