Leadership and Ministry Teams

Christ Covenant Church is governed according to a “congregational” system, in which the members of the church make all major decisions in congregational meetings that are held at least twice per year. Throughout the year our church is led by an eight-member Leadership Team whose members serve 2-year terms (with half of the members elected annually, and able to be elected to new terms to succeed themselves no more than twice).

Terms expiring at the end of 2016:
Susan Cressman – twice re-elected LT member
Linda Lotier
Jeff Schneck (Chair)
Frank Thierer

Terms expiring at the end of 2017:
Jill Gower
Don Lepp (Vice-Chair)
Doreen MacKay (Secretary)
Tom Moyer – once re-elected LT member (Financial Officer)

Christ Covenant Church also has three standing committees, to which the congregation and Leadership Team elect members as noted:

Don Lepp (LT rep and chair)
Frank Thierer (second LT rep)
Linda Szojka (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2016)
Marie DiStefano (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2017)

Jeff Schneck (LT rep and chair)
Walt Boguslaw (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2016)
Larry Bair (at-large member, term expires at the end of 2016)
Rev.’s Jim & Cathy Stanley-Erickson (co-pastors)

FINANCIAL COMMITTEE (LT liaison = Linda Lotier)
David Lotier (term expires at the end of 2016)
Claude Bevan (Chair, term expires at the end of 2017)
Tom Marks (term expires at the end of 2018)
Tom Moyer (Financial Officer)

As provided in our Bylaws, our leadership structure also includes the establishment of Ministry Teams to implement the varied ministries of the church. Ten such ministry teams are established at present. Each of our Ministry Teams is listed below, along with its Team leader and Leadership Team liaison:

Administration: Don Lepp (LT liaison = Susan Cressman)
Buildings & Grounds: Thelma Craig (LT liaison = Don Lepp)
Christian Formation: Sandie Thierer (LT liaison = Pastor Jim)
Community Connections: Mig Robertson (LT liaison = Frank Thierer)
Congregational Care: Jan Marcheski (LT liaison = Jill Gower)
Congregational Life: Lynda Bair (LT liaison = Doreen MacKay)
Missions: Andrew Giampa (LT liaison = Tom Moyer)
Small Groups: Susan Knerr (LT liaison = Jill Gower)
Worship Planning: Pastor Cathy and Carla Metz (LT liaison = Pastor Cathy)
Youth Ministry: Tom Shemanski (LT liaison = Doreen MacKay)